Last Night: Thoughts on Goalie Taunting and Blackhawks Fans


Warning: this turned into a bit of a rant. Read at own peril.

Ok, so I was at the game last night. When the chanting/taunting of Crawford started I got super annoyed. I attempted to stop at least some of the kids in my section. It didn’t go over so well.

I really don’t like goalie taunting. Ever.

And trust me, I was so tempted to when we had to play against the actual human garbage the Avs employ…But, it’s not cool and a serious dick move.

(All I can think is that we never had a chance to respond to the awful chants the Avs unleashed on our (probably, almost 99% sure) concussed Darcy. Which is really no excuse but it’s the best rational I can imagine because, well, Minnesota Nice (cold as ice).)

Bottom line, it was a poor choice.


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This is honestly the best thing I’ve seen all day 👏👏👏